What is all this blogging malarkey about?

Good Afternoon Motorsport Fans!

The primary purpose of this inaugural posting is to give everybody who’s interested the opportunity to sign-up to subscribe to our new blog. We will (try to) write updates once a week covering subjects such as: motorsports current affairs, tips and insights into motorsport careers, manufacturing and design, etc. The topics will typically relate to recent news events, jobs that we are recruiting for or perhaps case studies relating to competencies/job roles in motorsport. We will also showcase challenges in motorsport design and engineering. Our resident HR expert, Donna Biskup, will occasionally also write on HR related issues and how they specifically apply to motorsport.

This first month since launching Resources In Motorsport has been a complete whirlwind, but the response has been tremendous. We have gained the support of quite a few teams in Formula One and candidates have really taken a liking to our approach. We hope to publish some statistics over the next couple of weeks to back those facts up. However, we want to thank everybody for their support of Resources In Motorsport, thank you!

We expect to issue the first ‘real’ installment of this blog next week, so for now we wish you all happy and safe racing! Keep watching this space.


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