3…2…1….v2.0 is now live!

RIMS Resources In Motorsport WebsiteIt is our pleasure to announce the launch of v2.0 of RIMS’ website. We have changed the design and technology to better reflect or brand and the industry we represent. The following key changes and updates have been made:

  1. New look and feel.
  2. New content to reflect our current business model.
  3. Fully functional registration, login and account management for employers and candidates alike.
  4. New feature to add vacancies.
  5. New server environment to allow for faster loading times.
  6. Fully mobile responsive (35% of our visitors come through mobile devices).

We hope you will enjoy the new site and welcome any comments you may have.


Journey To Le Mans… Rush meets Steve McQueen’s Le Mans

This is going to be an awesome story about Jota’s ‘journey’ to Le Mans 24 Hours race. It certainly did not hurt that Jota won the LMP2 class and was the highest LMP2 finisher ever. Well done Jota! Through Project 100 Communications we are working with Fantelli Productions to source sponsorships and build commercial opportunities.

Why so quiet? What is the deal?

A wise man always tells me that in motorsport (and other sports as well for that matter) you swing between business and sport continuously. Hence you end up at some point not worrying about the business aspect; you turn your focus to the sporting side and make sure that you achieve your sporting goals. This is bad news for us as suppliers and anyone else on the periphery of motorsport as it becomes a cyclical business model. Motorsport teams will not have time to talk about strategic hiring issues when they are off racing and they are in the middle of the season; it is all about racing at that point. This is the reason why we have been a bit quite of late; we have also been off to the tracks to network and talk to people. We and the teams have time to talk racing when they are racing, which leads to other discussions later in the year.

However, after Formula One’s mid-season shut down they will start to build next year’s car and they will discover that they need new competence and temporary contract staff to make sure they can deliver on time. This is where they are starting to shift focus from sport back to business.

We are making a big push this season to ensure our contractors get work though the season. We will have many opportunities for anyone whose contract is up in a couple months time to get you right back on another one, so get your CV’s in to us so that we can start promoting you. We will as usual promote the permanent placements as and when they become available, so keep your eyes on this space. You can also send us a note below to make contact.